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Documen.to is now part of the RTM-it company family

January 8th, 2013

San Juan, PR – By combining resources, Documen.to and RTM-it Corp. will now be leading the document management industry with innovative solutions and offerings catering to all business levels, strengths and assets that you won’t find from other solution firms in the global market.  
Documen.to was founded on the idea that even at a particularly challenging time for the IT industry, ingenuity triumphs any day.  By providing more resources, this acquisition will increase the range of offerings available to existing and new customers while increasing value and return of investment for those customer already enjoying contracts with Document.to.”, said Roberto Rosario, founder and former CEO of Documen.to.

Note: Documen.to is the commercial arm of its GPL flagship application Mayan EDMS 
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